It flies by far too quickly and yet I seem to achieve so little sometimes.  Days when I can get up and do stuff .. days when all I can do is slump on the sofa and keep thinking I should be doing stuff.


It’s been a tiring week …


In fact it’s been a horrible week …


Clearing up after the kitchen ceiling collapsed.  Clearing up after the builder pulled the remaining dodgy bits down.  Clearing up after the builder replaced the ceiling.  Clearing up after the builder came back to decorate.  The kitchen is one of those rooms that can’t be left until I’m feeling a bit better – it just has to be cleaned.  And plaster/plaster dust takes bloody ages to clear up.  So I’m tired now, the exhaustion sparing only my fingers – the rest of me is pulled as hard by gravity as the kitchen ceiling was.  I can’t get up to make a drink.  I can’t get up to find the tv remote (why are they always just out of reach).  I can’t even get up to go upstairs to bed.  I just … can’t …


How do you describe that exhaustion to someone who’s never experienced it?


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