Autumn … Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Definitely misty, but also wet, windy and a bit chilly.  Soon I may have to start building fires to warm us up (ah I miss the days of central heating!!!).  This week the electric blankets have been dusted off and are rather lovely 🙂

So – healthwise things have been bumbling along ok.  I have a minor op due in a few weeks and my feet/legs are getting very very painful.  At times I can’t put any weight on my right leg and I’m seriously considering a walking stick (except for the fact that I don’t feel old enough to use it).  

With better health I’m working more, which is good in a financial sense, but very tiring.  I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day and I’ve ended up doing more than I can really cope with.  That just results in exhaustion again and I can see the slippery slope looming ahead of me.  Still, it’s nice to have some money in my pocket for a change!

Dogwalking time now, where’s my wellies and heavy raincoat?! (roll on spring)



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